Welcome to my page! It's a little unfinished, but I've been learning HTML more and decided to add more onto the site! :3

Also, if you're curious, this is a little hub for where I post some art and make some videos


Click to view the images at full size on FurAffinity

add Ellie on Escargot to chat with the fat fox lass themselves!

feel free to chat with me here, too!!!
6/5/2024 | NEW CHAT! | New chat has been installed at this location!! | 12/15/2023 | NEW ART!| New art has been uploaded! | 5/12/2023 | UPDATES MADE | I made some updates to the site, mainly by adding some Skeuomorphic assets to the page because I love em! X3 | 4/29/2023 | WEB PAGE HAS FINALLY BEEN MADE! | I finally made a web page after around like 2 years of leaving it dormant as an image server